There’s a new loose powder on the beauty scene….sorry WOWder not powder. It’s from Glossier and normally I wouldn’t bother with a loose powder (for many reasons) but I’ve also been enjoying so many of the brand’s products that I decided to give it a go.

You can order it with the cute pink handled brush or just the powder alone. It was tempting to get the combo set but I really don’t need any more brushes so I just went for the powder alone which sells for a very reasonable $27 CAD. I got the shade Light/Medium (it only comes in 3 options) and it blends in seamlessly with my skin.

WOWder is a great light weight loose powder that removes shine without leaving that overly matte finish. It does look very natural. Texture-wise, I wouldn’t say it’s completely unlike any other powder out on the market but where it scores a solid win is in the packaging department! The container is pretty much genius and eliminates a very big reason for why I’m not a fan of loose powder in the first place….it falls out everywhere and leaves a huge mess in the lid and all over your brushes, countertop etc. It’s also next to impossible to pick up just the right amount on a brush and get a natural application.

The genius thing about Glossier’s WOWder is the fact that there is a screen mesh across the opening so when you swirl your brush into the powder, it never picks up too much. The container is also very travel or purse friendly because the lid has a raised centre which holds the mesh down and prevents powder from leaving it’s safe and clean little section below in the jar.

The packaging is pink and cute, nothing less than what you would expect from Glossier. I’m pretty much in love with it!

If you are new to Glossier, you can click here for 10% off your first purchase



The Ordinary

This brand has been buzzed about so much over the last year. I have to admit that it piqued my interest but I was also skeptical about the price point. How could something so cheap be fully effective? I get the “no frills” thing and I’m a big fan of skincare just getting to the point and omitting dyes and perfumes (a la First Aid Beauty style) but this just seems almost too cheap. So I delved into testing out a few products to see what all the fuss is about. Continue reading

Glossier is here!


Glossier has finally arrived in Canada, woohoo!!! Previously Glossier only delivered within the US and even if you had a US address to send the product to, you needed to have a US zip code billing address in order to use your credit card. It was pretty much mission impossible for Canadians to get their hands on Glossier unless you were visiting the show room in New York. As of today they are now shipping to most Canadians (with the exception of Quebec) so get your orders in friends! Here is a link for 10% off your first order


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