Bite Beauty Multisticks

lotus and macaroon

I’m super excited about the latest launch from Bite Beauty – the Multistick. I’m a big fan of Bite Beauty as the brand prides itself on using edible grade ingredients* in their products + bonus that it’s a Canadian company!

The Multistick is a multi use cream/powder stick that can be applied to eyes, cheeks and lips. Available in 18 beautiful shades, I picked up Lotus and Macaroon which are both in the pink family. Lotus is a pale pink and Macaroon is a true pink (not too bright, not too powdery pale). The Multistick is easy to use and blends nicely into your cheek. I applied with my finger which seems like the easiest and quickest way to go about it although you could use a proper makeup brush to get a more defined look…..Honeywheat and Almond would make for great contour shades. The texture is nice and the colour stays in place all day, overall a fantastic cheek product!

For lip use, I again applied with my finger and patted into the lips. Because the product is part powder, it can be a little drying so I applied both over a lip balm and under a lipgloss. Both ways look very nice and resulted in a natural and not overdone look, great for every day use. It’s not a long lasting product for the lips so you would need to reapply throughout the day, this wasn’t a deal breaker for me though.

For eye use, I wouldn’t normally wear pink on my eyelids but for testing purposes I did try it out. I didn’t have a lot of faith that this would really work for eyes as most multi purpose products tend to crease quickly and never stay put for more than 5 minutes. This held true for the Multistick as well, the product did move and crease within 30 minutes of application. I didn’t apply a primer so it may work better with a base or powder shadow on top but given that the purpose of a multi use product is to save time, the need to apply a separate primer kind of defeats the purpose.

bite swatches

Left swatch is Lotus and right swatch is Macaroon

Bite Multistick is available at Sephora


*Note that the products are infused with edible grade ingredients but they are not 100% natural. Obviously beauty products do require some preservatives to last and chemical agents to prevent bacterial growth.

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