Back to Routine


It’s the end of summer and time for many to head back to school. Also a good time to get back to routine, reset or just add some organization into your life. Having only started this blog within the last month, I thought it would be a great time to put a schedule together for blog post days. So far I’ve been aiming for twice a week on Mondays and Fridays but found that the Friday posts were sometimes difficult to keep on track as we had a lot of visitors or plans to see friends and family before the end of summer. I also wasn’t sure how many posts I’d realistically be able to write with a young baby but we have a great morning routine going and that gives me some time to write while Poppy naps.

I’ve made a new schedule of 3 blog posts per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and a Friday/Saturday weekend edition. There’s no shortage of topics to write about seeing as there’s a never ending supply of new beauty products always coming out, ha! We’ve also booked a trip to England to visit friends and family later this fall so there will be some upcoming travel posts.

I keep a notebook with blog post ideas and notes on current beauty products I’m testing. This is really handy in keeping my posts organized and sometimes I test a product but don’t get to writing about it for a week or two so I can refer back to my notes. We’d be in big trouble if I had to go from my memory. Also I often get sidetracked when digging through my beauty product drawer, it’s like a treasure chest in there with some truly great finds to rediscover but I digress… back to routine and the blog.

The above header pic is my very hipster looking work station for blogging. Actually it’s one of my favourite local coffee shop spots, The Tempered Room. You have to get there early for a seat though as it fills up quickly and it’s like MacBook central in there with everyone busily clicking away. Great ambience, relaxed and inviting – an all around great place to do some reading or writing. Delicious coffee and French pastries and the staff is super friendly. One of my favourite spots in the city!


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