Farmacy Skincare


I was quite intrigued when I saw this line of skincare at Sephora. Their main ingredient that they keep touting is Echinacea Greenenvy, I’ve actually never heard of Greenenvy but it sounds organic and cool right? The website describes it as a patent-protected variant of echinacea purpurea that contains the highest known concentration of cichoric acid. I’m not sure what the benefits of cichoric acid are but looking up each new buzzword or phrase seems to send me further down the rabbit hole. The packaging is beautiful and the story about the ingredients being farmer cultivated and scientist activated for fresh radiant skin is selling me on trying this out. So I purchased 3 products from the line; the Skin Dew spray, the Rise ‘N Shine moisturizer and the Lip Bloom (lip balm). After using the products for a few weeks, here are my observations:


Skin Dew Spray – It burns. The spray bottle is pretty and it disperses the product nice and evenly but holy heck, it burns! What is that? The Greenenvy? Does the burning mean it’s working? I quickly smoothed it into my skin with a cotton pad and it absorbed quickly and stopped burning so much but was still tingly. The scent it very herbal and reminds me of Caudalie’s Elixir spray. After using this for a couple of weeks, it still burns when I spray it onto my face although I will say that my skin doesn’t turn red or remain irritated. It just seems to be the initial sensation. I haven’t noticed any benefits or changes to my skin so can only conclude that this product doesn’t actually do much. Did I mention that it burns?


Rise ‘N Shine Daily Moisture Lock – This is light in texture but feels very moisturizing. It works well on my normal skin type and did a good job of keeping my face moisturized without making it feel greasy. The scent is light/nearly non existent and it doesn’t contain an SPF. This doesn’t bother me as I’d rather have a skincare product that focuses on benefits to my skin and then use a separate SPF on top. For those who like to have both in one product, this may be a drawback for you. The glass jar is nice and helps to keep the natural ingredients stable however I am not a fan of jars and prefer a pump bottle for sanitary reasons. The website promises that this cream will reduce the appearance of fine lines and skin will feel firmer. After regular use, my skin was moisturized well but there were no other noticeable benefits to using this product.


Lip Bloom in Vanilla Mint – This lip balm has a nice texture to it and is moisturizing but not thick. It’s great for every day use and upkeep of healthy lips but I don’t think this would be enough to correct severely dry or chapped lips. The vanilla mint scent is very mild, pleasant and unique to other lip balms of the same scent. Again my only complaint would be the pot packaging for sanitary reasons. Otherwise this was my favourite product of the three.

Overall thoughts on the Farmacy Skincare line is that it seems like a lot of hype and buzz words. The packaging is really beautiful and I have to admit that was probably what roped me into it. The lip balm was my favourite item and I would repurchase this however I wouldn’t repurchase the Skin Dew spray or the Rise ‘N Shine moisturizer. For now, I’ll just continue to enjoy the pretty packaging.




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