First Aid Beauty


One of my favourite skincare lines that I have recently discovered is First Aid Beauty (FAB). I stumbled upon this brand last year while looking for some serious heavy duty hand cream. There are a few effective hand creams available that help to repair severely dry, cracked skin but they usually have some fragrance and always cause more irritation. So I was in Sephora on a mission to find something fragrance free that would fix my dry skin without causing further irritation. I was looking for something basic that would get the job done quickly.

I picked up a tube of the FAB Ultra Repair Cream in the smaller size so I could keep it in my bag. I must have applied it a good 5 or 6 times within the first 24 hours and honestly, I have never been so impressed at how quickly a product could work! My hands were dramatically better and by day 3/4 of using the Ultra Repair Cream consistently, I no longer had dry skin. We’re talking in the dead of Canadian Winter, kind of amazing! Now I apply it before bed every night and it does a great job of maintaining my hands.

This piqued my interest in the brand and I decided to go back and try some other products from the line. Here is my round up of recommended products to try from FAB.


Pure Skin Face Cleanser – this unscented foaming cleanser left my skin feeling very clean but not dry. It’s especially suited to people with sensitive skin but really would be great on all skin types. I’ve mentioned it in a previous post about cleansers, this is my third tube and something that I will keep repurchasing in future.


Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum – this is a super light weight serum that absorbs quickly. It’s so surprisingly light that I’m actually wondering how effective this will be in the winter. It’s been perfect for during the summer and is well suited for normal to oily skin types. I’m not sure how effective this would be for very dry skin. It’s also unscented and comes in a pump bottle which I’m a huge fan of vs. the less sanitary jar option.


Ultra Repair Pure Mineral Screen Moisturizer – Mineral sunscreens are great as they tend to feel less greasy on the skin. Even the lightest weight SPFs tend to feel a bit icky the minute you step outside into humidity. Mineral sunscreens feel dryer so I was very happy to find this one from FAB with an SPF of 40. You do need to rub this in quite well as it’s very white and can leave little patches if not rubbed in evenly.

Overall thoughts on First Aid Beauty is that it’s a basic, no frills brand that is free of scents and other irritant causing ingredients. Excellent for sensitive skin and a really amazing value given the quality of product you are getting for the price. It doesn’t feel as lush as high end brands with their upscale packaging and fancy scents but each of the products really do get the job done well!

First Aid Beauty products are available at Sephora


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