Page Turners: A Few Suspenseful Read Recommendations


I’ve always been a paperback kind of girl, enjoying the weight of a book in my hands and relishing the satisfying page turn. Not to mention seeing the progress as the bookmark makes its way through so I never saw myself as an e-reader kind of person.

However, upon finding out that I was pregnant, I started to consider the benefits of an e-reader. Portable and light so baby doesn’t get bonked in the head as hard when I fall asleep and drop it, adjustable back light so my husband isn’t blinded at 4am when I’m feeding baby and caught up in the middle of a real page turner. So I put it on my Christmas wish list and my very thoughtful husband bought me a Kobo Glo. It’s amazing and just the sheer volume of how many books I can now keep in my bag is fantastic! I also like the recommendation feature where Kobo makes suggestions based on other books purchased…although it’s kind of funny that once I read Girl on the Train, every other book recommendation that came up compared itself to Girl on the Train and that might have been a stretch for some of them. But I did come across a few good reads.


The Betrayal by Laura Elliot, told from 3 different characters’ point of view. Nadine and Jake have been married since they were teenagers. Now getting a divorce, Jake pursues a passionate relationship with Karin who shares a dark history with his ex-wife. A good old crazy girlfriend type of read, it’s quick and entertaining.


The Girl With No Past by Kathryn Croft was a real page turner, suspenseful and fast paced. The main character Leah is running from her past, she can’t seem to have a normal life without her history coming back to haunt her but what exactly did she do and who is stalking her? This would make a good thriller movie.


I’m currently reading The Girls by Emma Cline which is very resemblant of the Manson Family girls story so far. Told by Evie, a lonely and lost teenager who finds this cult with a charismatic leader. But it starts to take her down a dangerous path towards murder. A bit of a slow start but intriguing enough and it has received a lot of buzz over the summer.


A bit of an older release but a goodie if you haven’t read it yet – Girl on the Train was another great psychological thriller. The movie starring Emily Blunt is coming out in a few weeks and i’m looking forward to seeing how it translates on screen.

Kobo Glo is available at Indigo




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