Top 5 Baby Essentials


My top 5 on-the-go baby essentials. These are the items that I use on a daily basis when out and about with baby Poppy. Items I would highly recommend for any new mum or mum-to-be.

Aden + Anais Swaddle blankets – swaddle blankets have so many uses from shielding baby from the sun to wiping up drool and of course keeping baby snug and warm, these blankets are one of the most useful items. Aden + Anais make some really cute ones in all sorts of patterns. One of my favourites are the stars, great for boys and girls so they make a particularly good baby shower gift if the parents are not finding out the gender of the baby.


JJ Cole changing clutch – you can seriously change a diaper just about anywhere with this! It’s a compact clutch that folds out into a change pad with a pocket for diapers and wipes. I’ve changed Poppy in the back of the car, on a bench plus it’s just nice to have something clean and padded to lay down on a change table in public washrooms.

Skip Hop Grab & Go stroller organizer – this keeps all of your necessities within arm’s reach so you don’t have to scrabble around in the bottom of your bag or the stroller basket. It’s split into 3 compartments that easily fit your phone, change purse, water bottle, keys, hand sanitizer etc.


Huggies Clutch n’ Clean – this is a super handy refillable wipes clutch that you can attach to your stroller handle. It gives you quick access for those emergency spills or when you only have one free hand.

Klean Kanteen water bottle – I never used to drink enough water, always opting for coffee most of the time when I was at work. I do find that I need to drink a lot of water these days (probably from lugging the stroller and baby around) so this Klean Kanteen reusable water bottle has been very useful.

Here’s where you can find these items:

Aden + Anais Swaddle blankets

JJ Cole Changing Clutch

Skip Hop Grab & Go stroller organizer

Huggies Clutch n Clean

Klean Kanteen

Water Bottles


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