Herbivore’s Coco Rose


Natural products are so popular these days, I’ve made it a bit of a mission to try out as many lines as possible and suss out what really works vs. what brands just use a lot of fancy buzz words. I decided to try out two of the most popular products by Herbivore; the Coco Rose Body Polish and the Coco Rose Lip Conditioner.

I completely admit that a lot of the appeal stems from the lovely packaging (gah, this gets me every time, I’m a sucker for girly pretty things). The containers are simple yet pretty and feminine. Even the boxes they came in are lovely!


The ingredients list on both products are 100% natural and I was impressed as all ingredients are recognizable as opposed to some made up fancy sounding plant derivative that no one has ever heard of before. Main ingredients across both include coconut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter, rose and vitamin e.


The body polish is a base of coconut oil, Moroccan rose oil and sugar. The coconut is the stronger of the scents but it’s not the usual beachy coconut smell and then the rose comes through. It’s a bit of an odd scent to be honest, not in a bad way but not in a great way either….it’s just weird. It kind of reminds me of a rose macaron, definitely sweet and dessert like.

Here were my first impressions:

  • quite exfoliating and rough, not a fine scrub (but I prefer this as it feels like you are getting a really effective scrub)
  • felt greasy at first in the shower but then sinks into the skin leaving it soft & moisturized
  • leaves you smelling like a French patisserie
  • turns your bath tub into a slip & slide death trap
  • no lotion or cream required after
  • leaves your skin feeling soft for a couple of days after

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the body scrub because they can be very hit and miss. I have to say that I’m an absolutely HUGE fan of this though! The product seems to be polarizing in online reviews. People absolutely love or hate it and I couldn’t figure out why the bad reviews until I experimented in the application. If you apply the scrub and then let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing off, I find that the product sinks into the skin and actually rinses off better. If you apply and rinse off immediately, it can leave your skin feeling greasy which is what several of the bad online reviews were complaining about. So you need to let this product work its magic and wait a few minutes.


The lip conditioner is also a base of coconut oil and Moroccan rose oil however this product is distinctly more rose smelling. Rose is one of those scents that seems to be polarizing for people, you either love or hate it. I personally love it!

Here were my first impressions:

  • smells like rose more than coconut
  • the texture is hard and feels like it needs softening
  • very light weight, not thick at all
  • needs reapplying often
  • tastes weird (before you ask, no I wasn’t eating it haha! the thin formula seems to melt and somehow ends up in your mouth)

I’m so sad that this didn’t turn out the way I had hoped! I really wanted to love it given how amazing the body polish was. The scent was very promising and I was imagining a slightly heavy and highly moisturizing formula that leaves your lips feeling like little soft rosebud pillows. But I assure you dear reader, there are no rosebud pillows to be had with this balm! It’s just far too light weight and thin, it doesn’t feel moisturizing at all. The texture in the pot is very hard and it feels like you almost need to soften it. And the pot format in itself is problematic for me because I hate the unhygienic finger dipping. I guess you could say that I was basically looking for something similar to the Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner which is one of my favourites! I’m always on the lookout for Rose lip products so please comment and let me know if you have any recommendations.

Overall I am still pleased with the Herbivore line and look forward to trying some more products. A friend of mine recently recommended the Rose Hibiscus face mist so I will be testing that out next. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this line and what you think!

Products mentioned:

Coco Rose Body Polish


Coco Rose Lip Conditioner



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