Lotion Wipes?


This purchase was completely accidental. I thought I was buying some really nice smelling body refresher wipes. These looked handy for travel so I grabbed them on a whim at Winners and didn’t really look at them again for a few days.

When I opened the bag and took a closer read, I noticed that these were actually lotion wipes. Weird, I’d never seen a product like this before but I do like the brand Pacifica so decided to give them a go!

Here were my first impressions:

  • they smell amazing! You can even smell them outside of the packet, they made my bathroom drawer smell lovely
  • the actual wipe feels like any other normal wipe, it’s not greasy and doesn’t feel very lotiony

I gave my right leg a good swipe and it felt like any other wipe. It dried quickly and the scent disappeared quite fast. My leg didn’t really feel moisturized, it just felt like I had swiped a baby wipe across it. So then I did a test and asked my husband to tell me if the skin on my left leg and right leg felt different (he had no idea why I was asking, I didn’t tell him until after). He said that the right one might be slightly softer which was a bit surprising because I didn’t think there was any difference but apparently in a blind test there was a very small difference!

Overall the lotion wipes don’t really provide much moisture. In fact it’s so little I would say its not even worth the effort. You might as well just use a proper lotion. I can’t recommend these as a useful product to anyone but they do smell nice so I might just leave them in my pajama drawer or suitcase.


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