Bite Lip Lab


Bite has just opened their second Lip Lab in Toronto (the original one is in Soho, NYC) so I couldn’t wait to go and check it out. Located on Queen St West, the space is bright and minimalistic.

The idea behind the Lip Lab is that you can go in and get a custom made lipstick in a shade specially blended for your skin tone. They have different scents to choose from as well so the whole lipstick is very customized to exactly what you want. This doesn’t come cheap though ($55 per lipstick or 2 for $80, ouch) so if you have lipstick ADD like me then it might not be the most worth while investment. However if you are looking to splurge and treat yourself or looking for a very cool gift to give someone (that you like a lot), this would be a nice purchase.

display wall.JPG

For those that don’t want to pay for a customized colour, there is also the full range of products from Bite available for purchase. The display wall is very visually appealing, again very clean and simple in design. Pricing is the same as Sephora but they do offer some sets that I have not seen available elsewhere. I purchased this lip care kit that includes a smaller version of the Agave Lip Mask, Lush Lip Wipe, Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub and lip primer. A good value at $30 because the Agave Mask and Cherry lip scrub both last for ages. A little goes a long way!


Bite offers many great colours across their various formats and these seem to get the most attention but I think the lip care products often go unnoticed and these are some of the best products I have ever used. The Agave Mask is brilliant for fixing severely dry lips – I’m talking cracked, dry, middle of winter with a cold bad. The mask is a thick coating that just soaks in and works some magic. Put that on before bed and you’ll be amazed at the difference by morning.

Lots of great goodies happening at the Bite Lip Lab. I would recommend stopping by if you get the chance!


Bite Lip Lab is located at 678 Queen St West in Toronto and are open daily from 11am – 7pm (6pm on Sunday).

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