A Weekend in the Country

Over the thanksgiving long weekend, we went to visit family just north of the city in Caledon. As much as I love the city, it’s nice to get out to the country sometimes. Caledon is particularly beautiful at this time of year with the changing colours of the trees and we sometimes go for a hike through the conservation.

This weekend we decided to visit Downey’s Farm so we could take Poppy to the pumpkin patch….apparently so did a million other families because it was packed! You can see how impressed Poppy was with all of the pumpkins.

We didn’t end up staying very long but did manage to buy some apples (I’m baking an apple galette this week), apple cider and strawberry jam before high-tailing it out of the madness.

I’ve actually written this blog from my phone as I’m testing out how easy it is to post while on the go. There will be regular blog posts while I am on vacation at the end of the month. I’m doing a few beauty posts ahead of time which will be scheduled however I’m hoping to also do a few impromptu ones while on my travels. Plus an exciting new beauty product review coming up this week so stay tuned!


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