Josie Maran Cosmetics Review

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely rep from Josie Maran Cosmetics recently. She took me through the different products and I learned many interesting facts, the first one being that Josie Maran is a total foodie and loves a whipped texture. This is why you will find a lot of the products contain whipped argan oil.

You may remember back in the 90s when Josie was a leading model in the fashion industry. It was this experience of having harsh chemical makeup products used on her face from shoot to shoot that inspired Josie to create a line of healthy cosmetics and skincare using natural ingredients. Argan oil is the main staple in most of her products but she also likes to use ingredients like manuka honey, citrus oils and coconut water.


The first product I tested was the Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid. I have to admit, the name of this actually made me cringe because the last two words I ever want to hear together are oil and foundation. I’ve always had combination skin and more recently normal since having a baby but have never had a problem with dry skin so I wasn’t sure if this product would suit me. Here were my first thoughts upon trying the Vibrancy foundation out:

  • Smooth application using fingertips, not difficult to apply or blend
  • Medium coverage
  • You can tell there is argan oil in it
  • Doesn’t look greasy when applied but provides a nice subtle glow to the skin
  • Stays on nicely all day and doesn’t slide or oxidize
  • Works well with powders such as setting powders or blush

I was very pleasantly surprised that this did not look greasy at all! It left a subtle healthy looking glow to my skin. I just powdered the t-zone as I would with any foundation or BB cream. You can tell by the texture that there is definitely some type of light oil in it but it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky, just moisturizing. I was also very impressed by the staying power as the foundation lasted a good 12 hours before I washed it off and still looked pretty great. Overall I wasn’t expecting to love this as much as I do and it’s now become one of my favourites!

Left (no makeup), Right (Vibrancy Foundation)

I also received a sample of the Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm which is basically a primer but with some skincare benefits. You put this on after your moisturizer but before your foundation. The texture is very nice and it smooths on seamlessly as with most primers. It did give a slight blurred effect to the skin which was great. Overall I liked the product but given the price and it not being a necessity to my skincare regime, I probably wouldn’t spend the money on it.

The next product is very talked about and has received a lot of positive buzz both in the beauty industry as well as mass media – the Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment. Again, as someone that doesn’t have dry skin, I wasn’t sure how well this would work for me. It comes in a dropper style bottle and you only need about 3 drops as it’s highly concentrated. Here are my first thoughts on the Milk Treatment

  • easy to apply, very hydrating
  • morning and night use for dry skin
  • night use for oily or combination skin

The formula is unscented and feels very silky and hydrating. I used this at night because it might be a bit too heavy under foundation for the day. When I woke up the next morning, my skin felt very soft and well moisturized. I really liked this treatment a lot and will definitely continue to use it throughout the winter.

I’m not a fan of lip plumping products…that’s actually an understatement. I pretty much go out of my way to avoid them as I have quite sensitive skin and hate that burning sensation. With lip plumpers, you are really just adding an irritant that will cause an allergy like reaction to get the swelling effect. Plus my lips are neither skinny nor overly plump, they are just kind of in the middle and I’m fine with leaving them as is. So when the JM rep was talking up the new lip plumping product, I was already writing it off in my mind with a big fat NO. But she did a really great job of selling me on at least trying it out as this formula is different to most on the market. The plumping ingredient is a pepper oil but it’s supposedly quite mild and a natural ingredient so not as irritating on sensitive skin. It also contains soothing manuka honey and moringa butter. Here were my first thoughts when I tried out the Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter:

  • It burns
  • ….not for very long though
  • lips felt moisturized
  • pleasant vanilla scent
  • buttery smooth application
  • no visible plumping effect to the lips

It did burn quite a bit on the first use but the sensation didn’t stay for very long and wore off quite quickly. Funnily enough, it didn’t burn nearly as much with each use after. Maybe my lips got used to it. If you are an avid user of lip plumping products then don’t bother with this one! It probably won’t give you enough of a sensation and to be honest, I saw no difference in the plumpness of my lips with any of the times I used it. Overall it’s a nice lip butter though. I think they would almost be better off just removing the ineffective pepper oil and selling it as an every day lip conditioner.

The last product in the review today is the Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter. And WOW, these are the most deliciously scented butters ever! Several decadent scents to choose from but what I like most are that they aren’t sweet in an adolescent candy smelling type of way. They are a more grown up version of naturally delicious smells. My two favourite scents are the Vanilla/Apricot and Sweet Citrus. The body butters are very moisturizing and great for dry skin! I will be using these all winter for sure but they may be a little heavy come summer time. For people with dry skin, you can probably enjoy these all year round.

I believe they also come in seasonal limited edition scents as well. I think there is an apple cider and pumpkin pie currently available.

All products mentioned are available at Sephora or the Josie Maran website

Unfortunately the Josie Maran site only ships to the US and Canada, sorry UK and international readers 😦

Great line of products though and I recommend giving them a try especially the foundation and the body butter!

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