Liberty London

One of my absolute favourite places to visit in London is Liberty. It’s an old world luxury goods department store. I say old world because it still has a habadashery department (and for those asking what habadashery is….exactly!). Liberty has a Tudor facade with the freshest, most beautiful flower display outside.

Especially exciting at this time of year is the Christmas shop on the fourth floor and the highly coveted beauty advent calendar. The advent calendar can be yours for the tidy sum of just 165 GBP (around $276 CAD). So what do you get for this and is it worth it? I had a look and the advent calendar includes products from higher end brands including NARS, Bobbi Brown, Dyptique, Eve Lom, Dr Sebagh, Aveda, Dermalogica, Votary and Kiehls. Some of these looked like smaller sized versions. Not quite mini but not quite full sized either. 

All lovely bits and pieces in beautiful packaging and a truly luxurious gift for the special beauty product hoarder in your life. But let’s think about this logically and do the math. On average each person may find 3 or 4 items that they are really excited about in the advent calendar and these might be smaller sized. Then there may be another 6 or 7 that are relatively appealing or something you might be intrigued to try….25 days in the calendar, that leaves us with 14-15 products that will likely get given away or not finished. For 165 GBP, I’d much rather spend the money buying the full size versions of the products that I’m really excited about. There’s no doubt that it really is a lovely advent calendar and would make for a luxurious treat but if you are a savvy shopper then this isn’t going to give you great value for your money.

The other trend that seems to be quite ridiculous and of very poor value as of late are these “Vault Sets” that Sephora is selling for the holiday season. Unless you are a makeup artist, who really needs every single lipstick shade that a brand makes? It would be impossible to use them all and the majority of the lipsticks would end up just sitting there and eventually thrown out once they got old. These sets are going for $200-$350, which is crazy when you think about it. That’s pretty much $50+ for each of the 4 lipsticks that you would realistically end up using on a regular basis. Or you could just spend the money on buying 20 similar shades of pink from various brands (something I would totally do, ha!).

New brand Soaper Duper has recently launched exclusively at Liberty so I went to check that display out. This new eco-friendly line has vibrant green packaging and really fresh scents that match. I’m a fan of the zesty lemon scent!

Soaper Duper is a fun, affordable brand with environmentally friendly ingredients! These would make a great Christmas gift (only available in the UK, sorry non-UK readers).

One final stop to the fourth floor for Poppy’s first Christmas ornament and that completed my trip to Liberty.

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