Liz Earle’s Sweet Orange & Clove Cleanse & Polish

Another brand I look forward to stocking up on when visiting the UK is Liz Earle. You can order it online as they do ship internationally but the shipping is pricey and you can’t get all of the same products available in the UK. I’ve also noticed that there are exclusive sets custom to specific retailers. Boots and John Lewis both have exclusive sets only available at their retail shops. I did have a look at both but it’s always a little but nicer to get the John Lewis experience with a personal consultation. I was at the Liverpool One location and had a wonderful consultation with one of the Liz Earle girls. I wish I had remembered to take a picture but I didn’t think of it at the time as I was too excited to see all of the winter gift sets.

I’ve tried several products from Liz Earle over the years. My favourite is the Cleanse & Polish as it feels like a mini spa treatment especially in the evening before bed. The toner and face cream are nice although perhaps a bit basic if you are looking for skin care that targets specific concerns. The Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion is also a nice spa-esque type of product. You can soak a couple of cotton pads with this and leave on your eyes for 10 minutes, it’s very cooling and soothing. Also great for sensitive eyes and contact lense wearers.

I purchased the limited edition Sweet Orange & Clove Cleanse & Polish. It’s a deluxe larger size and comes with two muslin face cloths packaged in a beautiful gift box. The scent does remind me of Christmas holidays and the scent of clove is quite pronounced so it might not be for everyone if clove isn’t up your alley. It’s definitely not a scent you would want to use all year round, I mean it would just be plain weird in the summer time. Makes for a lovely gift or treat for yourself that will take you through the winter.

Liz Earle products are available online here



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