Clarins Mission Perfection Serum Review

I’ve been testing the Mission Perfection serum from Clarins recently. It’s not a new serum but something that I hadn’t tried yet so thought I would give it a go. This product is meant to give you more luminous skin and correct any dark spots. The active ingredients highlighted on the Clarins website are ginko biloba and acerola fruit (type of cherry). I should caveat though that these 2 ingredients are close to the bottom of the list so it’s questionable that there is enough to truly be effective.

First impressions:

  • nice smooth texture
  • tinted pink (not sure why colour would be necessary for a serum)
  • strong perfumey fragrance
  • absorbs quickly into the skin

The serum did apply very nicely and absorbed into my skin quickly. It worked well under multiple moisturizers and foundations that I tested it with so you could pair it with any type of skincare routine. I wasn’t a big fan of the strong perfumed scent – it’s not unpleasant per se, I just don’t care for overly scented products when it comes to face care. This wouldn’t be a deal breaker if a product works well though.

The thing that I did find a bit strange is the pink tint. It’s not a naturally occurring colour, you can see from the ingredients list that it’s been added in. I just don’t see the necessity in adding colour into a serum at all. You are inevitably going to be covering this up with another moisturizer which may be tinted or a foundation so there just isn’t really a point to the tint. If anything it kind of takes away from the overall strength of the ingredients list.


  • soft skin
  • no reactions or issues with the product
  • no difference in colour correction or luminosity

After using this serum for  month, I can’t really see any difference to be honest. My skin isn’t any more luminous and there is no colour correction. I have very few areas that need correcting and they are relatively light to begin with. Maybe it’s difficult to notice a difference if the areas are not super noticeable to begin with….but on the flip side, you could also argue that if this product didn’t change a very light area then would it do anything to skin that was in need of more intensive colour correction?

I didn’t experience any reactions or negative side affects so this product would be suited to anyone with average skin sensitivity. I don’t know how suitable it would be for sensitive skin but given the colour and the perfume, it might be best to avoid this one.

Overall, not a terrible product and nothing spectacular either. I would say given the price point of $68 for 30ml, it might not be the most worthwhile investment. There are other serums that are equally as nice for a lower price or you could pay a little more to get something a lot more effective.

Not the strongest product from Clarins’ line of skincare. I do like many Clarins products especially some of their cleansers and makeup. The Instant Light Lip Perfector is an all time favourite! Unfortunately the Mission Perfection serum just didn’t really hit the mark this time.

Clarins Mission Perfection Serum is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, major department stores and online here:

Note: I will continue to use this product until it’s finished. I don’t expect to see any further difference but will update this post with any other developments that may occur.



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