The Everyday Agave Collection from Bite Beauty

Another post about Bite Beauty products, I wouldn’t blame you for eye rolling as soon as you saw the title….I probably would too. It might seem like I harp on and on about this brand but what can I say? They make great products and keep introducing new awesome stuff lately.

The Agave Lip Mask is something I’ve used for a long time. It’s the only thing that really works when I’ve had severely dry lips but it is super thick and comes in this squeezy tube which means you have to apply it with your fingers, not great when you are on-the-go or a germaphobe. Countless times I’ve wished that the lip mask would come in a more friendly package that would allow for direct application to the lips. Well hallelujah, they’ve done one better and made a lighter version in a regular lip balm package.  But people, this is seriously the best lip balm ever made! There’s nothing I would change about it – the formula, scent, texture, packaging. All great!

The Agave Sugar Lip Scrub is also fantastic but unique in the sense that you add water and it emulsifies into a milky texture that you can rinse off, similar to some face cleansing oils. You get the delicious scrubbing sugar granules but can also rinse off the oil base more easily so that you aren’t left with a thick, greasy mess after.

These 2 new products along with the Agave Lip Mask make up the Everyday Agave collection and I have to say these are all well worth the money. The lip mask and scrub will both last you a long time as a little goes a long way. The lip balm will depend on how often you use it, I have the feeling that I’ll be burning through them quite quickly. Haha


Sadly after a couple weeks of use, the lip balm became a bit of a mess. I absolutely love the formula but it just doesn’t work with the packaging! The balm stick is sliding all over the place, I have to slide it back into the middle and centre it before winding back down. It gets all over the sides and well it just looks like this….

I haven’t kept it in my pocket or in a warm place, it’s typical Canadian January weather at the moment and temperatures are pretty cool so we can rule out environmental factors as being a cause.

I’m just going to transfer this into a pot and do something I absolutely hate – the germy finger dip! Given the current issues with the packaging, I would recommend that you just stick with the mask for now. Hopefully the packaging for this format gets worked out because otherwise the lip balm is still fantastic.

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