Bobbi Brown Wine & Chocolate Holiday Collection

I was perusing some boxing day deals online when I noticed that The Bay had some really good discounted beauty items. Is this a new thing? I don’t remember seeing beauty items on clearance before, does anyone else? What I mean is that I can’t remember seeing beauty products that people actually want on clearance, it’s usually the junky bottom-of-the-barrel leftovers. Anyway I was super impressed at some of the brands and products that were on discount. They had the Bobbi Brown Wine & Chocolate Holiday collection on sale so I jumped on that.

I remember hearing about this collection back in October/November and meant to check it out but then forgot about it, being away on vacation. As the name would allude to, this set is filled with rich browns and merlot shades and the packaging has a  very luxurious feel to it.

The Chocolate Eye Palette comes with 4 beautiful shadows and 3 rich liner shades. What I like about this palette is that 3 out of the 4 shadows are matte so very wearable every day. Even the bronze metallic shadow works well with the mattes for daily wear. Then you can add the darker liners for more intensity and easily transition into an evening look.

Chocolate Eye Palette (L-R) Ivory, Woodrose, Milk Chocolate,Velvet Bronze, Cocoa Mauve, Navy, Black Chocolate

The Wine Eye Palette similarly contains 4 shadows and 3 liners but with a more warm and reddish undertone, all very wearable. These eye shadows all apply very smoothly and blend easily. 

There were also 2 new limited edition Luxe Lip Colors as part of the holiday collection; Tawny and Uber Nude. I picked up the Uber Nude shade and this too is just a super wearable every day nude. I was impressed at how moisturizing the formula is and have to admit that I thought the Luxe lipsticks were a bit of a gimmick to rationalize the higher price point. There is definitely a more buttery texture though and a difference vs the regular Bobbi Brown lipsticks (which also wear nicely).

Chocolate Eye Palette – no longer available at The Bay but available (at the sale price) online at Bobbi Brown here:

Uber Nude Luxe Lipstick available at The Bay online here:–24




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