Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal & Biotin Dry Shampoo

This one is a total game changer! Let’s start with the packaging – pure genius. I’ve tried dry shampoos before that come in a little container and you pour the powder into your hand and then massage into your roots. It always ends in a big white powdery mess everywhere. There’s never been an efficient way to apply this style of dry shampoo…..until now. This one actually has a small nozzle that you point towards the roots of your hair and then gently squeeze. It doesn’t dispense too much but just the right amount. You then leave it for a couple of minutes before brushing through. 

The other thing which I love about this product is the fresh scent. Many other dry shampoos that I’ve tried have overpowering flowery or food scents. The Briogeo one smells fresh and clean, it’s not overpowering and I couldn’t even really smell it by the time a few hours had past.

The product itself worked well, it didn’t leave any residue and my hair felt light and fresh.  I’ve been loving so many products from Briogeo lately: the shampoos and conditioners are fantastic and the Rosarco Milk Leave in Conditioner is one of my go-to’s. I have to say though that this new Scalp Revival Charcoal & Biotin dry shampoo is my new favourite!

Briogeo products are available at Sephora stores on online here:




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