Bobbi Brown Dual Ended Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick

I have to say that initially this wasn’t the easiest product to work with. I tried applying directly to my eyelids and blending with my finger and it was difficult to get a nice smooth blend. The product also dries fairly quickly so you need to work fast however once set, it definitely lasts all day.


I had a little more success using a brush to apply and then taking another clean brush to help blend the edges out. This does somewhat make the dual stick slightly less convenient though as what originally attracted me to this product was the portable, one product does it all idea. Something great for vacation when you want to pack as little as possible. After several uses, I did adjust to how the cream shadow applies and can now blend it reasonably well. I purchased the Nude Beach/Coffee Bean shade combination as they are both matte colours (the only double matte combination). There are several other shade options that include some beautiful shimmery colours but I found the shimmer ones to have quite large chunks of glitter so if you are going for more of an every day wearable look then the matte ones might be more suitable.

Overall you get the same amount of product as the single cream shadow stick except with these you have 2 options. If you can get the hang of applying with your finger (I’m still struggling) then these do make for a very convenient product to take travelling or on-the-go. They are long lasting and look great!

Bobbi Brown products are available at The Bay and online here:



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